Tiny Tuesday 2.0 – Week 3

So It’s that time of the week again, where I post about my weight loss and how things have been going. I feel much better… fantastic really. I have so much more energy and just feel more confident. Short post today, but I do want to post a picture of a great breakfast I made earlier this week. I made a turkey bacon/ham hash and it was DELICIOUS!

Medium Red Potato-3 pts 1 Slice Turkey Bacon/2 Slices of Deli Ham - 1 pt 1 Egg - 2 pts Red Onion

Medium Red Potato-3 pts
1 Slice Turkey Bacon/2 Slices of Deli Ham – 1 pt
1 Egg – 2 pts
Red Onion

WEEK 3: – Tuesday, August 19, 2013
Current Weight: 166 lbs.
Weekly Loss: 3.5 lbs.
TT 2.0 Overall Loss: 9 lbs.
Days Working Out: 2

Front View:


Side View:


August Homo Hero – Sue Sena

HomoHeroLogoSue purple 1


It is my great honor to announce that August’s Homo Hero is the unbelievable Sue Sena. For those of you who don’t know her, this article is going to “blow your mind hole” as the boys on HIMYM would say.

Now I want to start off by saying that I am truly going to be writing this article from an unbiased viewpoint, because I have to admit, that Sue is my cousin. I’ll start this off with a very funny story. In 2005, I came out to my cousin at Vinyl, which is a QUILTBAG friendly restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, and I brought along this adorable “bluey” boy I was dating at the time (He is Australian, and in Australia they call gingers “bluey.” I think it’s hysterical. Anywho, that’s not what this is about). When he met Sue he freaked out a little. He said, “You didn’t tell me your cousin was THE Sue Sena.” I was so confused. Turns out, Sue had been featured in a documentary about “Fag Hags” that had been really big down in Australia, and it was in that moment, that I realized how important and influential my cousin really was.

“HIV was still a bad word”

Sue got the advocacy bug when she was at Rutgers University. She became heavily involved in raising awareness for sexual and reproductive health on campus, as well as promoting woman’s safety, helping to organize the campus “Take Back the Night.”

Sue ended up taking a class called “HIV and Public Policy,” and received credit for working at a local HIV clinic. “It was a really different time 20 years ago,” Sue said to me when I interviewed her on the phone. This was the era of Jesse Helms, and Sue was thrilled when the AIDS Quilt came around while she was there.

In 1993, a dear friend of Sue’s, someone she considered to be a brother to her, came out. This is when she started getting involved in the “LGBT” community.

“Over time, the personal became more political.”

In the summer of 2002, Sue attended the NYC Pride March for the first time. She got all dressed up, headed down to Christopher Street, and had a blast. “I was inspired by it,” she told me. “I thought it was fabulous and colorful, but there was no group for straight friends.”

She knew that she always wanted to work in the world of non-profit; she wanted to make a difference. Enter Swish. (Now I could sit here and write an entire series talking about the amazing things that Swish has done. So for a list of all the amazing awards and accolades that Swish has been honored to achieve, please visit this section of their website.) In the fall of 2002, Sue became a co-founder of Swish (Fun Fact: Swish was originally an acronym which stood for Straight Women in Support of Homos, but as the organization grew in size and recognition, the acronym was dropped, and the organization began to empower a word that has been perceived as derogatory in the past, although you KNOW I own my swish!). When the Pride March rolled around for 2003, Swish became the first Gay-Straight Alliance Organization float in the history of the Pride March, and there were many more firsts to come! They were also the first organization to endorse the Equality March in Washington D.C., and the first organization to represent the United States at EuroPride. In 2013, Swish joined Google at Marriage Equality USA to receive the Community Partner Award.


“We evolved as the movement evolved, or the movement evolved because of us.”

On February 13th, 2014, Swish announced that it would “cease programmatic operations on June 29, 2014 and launch a new chapter as the Swish Ally Fund of the Stonewall Community Foundation.” The Swish Ally Fund will help smaller, grassroots organizations WORLDWIDE and help spread the message of love where it is truly needed.

So we know where Swish is headed, but what about Sue; where is SHE headed after this? When I asked Sue she laughed a bit and said, “Yeah. That’s a good question!” Sue told me she is just gonna see where life takes her: a “waiting and feeling approach” as far as work within the community is concerned. She ended with a fantastic quote, “the universe chose me as a straight ally, and that’s forever.”

Okay. So as established in the first in the series, my August Hemo Hero, I will be ending all of my “Hero” articles with this question. “If there is one thing about the community you could change, what would it be?” She had two answers.

1) She said she wants to encourage the movement to come up with a better word, or acronym, to describe the community. I agree. I use QUILTBAG, but the idea of LGBTQAZYTSPL, or whatever letters we decide to add this week, is a little overwhelming. I don’t know how to define the community without offending the community.

2)”We gotta work on the cleanliness of the bathrooms in the gay clubs.” Well said Sue. Well said.

So I made a meem last time, and decided to make a meem this time. Sue said this in passing and I decided to post it with a picture that Tyler took while we were marching with Swish in the 2011 Pride March in NYC.


For more information, or to make a contribution, visit www.swishallyfund.org, or tweet them @swishpride. #ISwishBecause

Till we meet again…

Photo 1 of Sue: © 2011 Nice N Easy photo
Photo 2 of Sue: © 2014 Saksia Kahn

Tiny Tuesday 2.0 – Week 2

Alright everyone! It’s Tiny Tuesday! Which means it’s time for my weekly weigh-in and time to talk about the week. I jumped into the deep end right away, and am just treading water at the moment, but waking up today and seeing the progress has really helped me reinvest in myself. I got big. Bigger than I ever have been. And I realized that I was becoming a bit of a Bear (literally, I just needed some leather chaps).

So I bought a bunch of Special K snacks (the White Cheddar Popcorn Chips are way better than I thought) and lots of celery and carrots (also used fat-free sour cream to make onion dip). I bought chicken and pork, and put beef behind me, but just for now… I mean, come on, I love me some beef. I stopped eating burgers and fish & chips and work and replaced it with Steamed Broccoli and Mahi Mahi Fillets. I made a delicious dinner the other night which totaled out to only 8 WW Points Plus.

Baked Chicken with Bow-Tie Pasta

Baked Chicken with Bow-Tie Pasta, Sauteed Onions and Mushrooms in a Balsamic/Vegetable Stock Glaze

As far as the working out, I wish I was doing it more. I am having some issues with my knee, so I want to make sure I don’t start bleeding, so I am trying to “break back in” to being more physically active. I ran two days this week and did one day of abs and pushups and things of that nature.

Wednesday the 8th I went for a nice 1 mile run in this crazy Florida heat!!!

Wednesday the 8th I went for a nice 1 mile run in this crazy Florida heat!!!

I’m excited to be working on myself again, and I’ll keep you posted on fun new recipes, and physical activities I find fun and enjoyable!

WEEK 2: – Tuesday, August 12, 2013
Current Weight: 169.5 lbs.
Weekly Loss: 5.5 lbs.
TT 2.0 Overall Loss: 5.5 lbs.
Days Working Out: 2-3

Front View:



Side View:




Till we meet again…

Tiny Tuesday 2.0 – Week 1

Alright… So I’m trying to reboot my Tiny Tuesday series here on Hemo Homo. We all know that my life is pretty much an open book, but I am actually too embarrassed to post shirtless pictures yet… I know, right? But next week. I promise. I started to make myself believe that it was “too expensive” to eat healthy, but I’m trying really hard to do it on a budget this time! So… here’s to losing weight!!!1 And more importantly… getting healthy!

WEEK 1: – Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Current Weight: 175 lbs.

Days Working Out: 0

A Recent Picture:

Recent Fat PictureTill we meet again…

August Hemo Hero – Patrick James Lynch


I am super excited to announce that our VERY FIRST Hemo Hero is the one and only… absolutely amazing… (and pretty easy on the eyes if I might add)… Patrick James Lynch.

Patrick is a member of the community, living with Severe Hemophilia A, and has taken the idea of advocacy to an entirely different level. Now, I’m all about marching on Capitol Hill and talking to our State Legislators about Health Care Reform and making sure that we are taken care of as a community, but a lot of people outside of the bleeding disorder community (that I have lovingly began calling ‘buggles,’ ya know, like muggles… get it?) still think that a paper cut will kill us. Enter Patrick James Lynch.

Patrick has taken advocacy to the vernacular and has opened up the minds of people outside the community in ways that I didn’t even think were possible. He really decided to get more involved in the community in Late April of 2011. Patrick was acting full time before that, and really wanted to “find projects with meaning” (foreshadowing! foreshadowing!), so he hit the pause button on his acting career and made the only next logical choice…. Online Poker. Patrick was a full time online poker player until Online Poker became illegal in the US in April of 2011. So now, Patrick was faced with a choice… Door #1 would entail moving somewhere to continue playing poker, which as he said to me was “just a means to an end,” or Door #2 which would be to start spending more time in the community and create work for himself that was “clear and unique,” and of course, meaningful.

As an actor myself, one of those random catch phrases that always floats around is “if you can’t find work, create your own.” And that is EXACTLY what Patrick did. In the summer of 2011, he came up with the idea for a web-series involving the Bleeding Disorders Community, but not necessarily ABOUT the Bleeding Disorders Community. He got together with his now Artistic Partner-in-Crime Ryan Gielen, and the first ideas for “Stop the Bleeding!” came about. If you have never seen an episode of this series you are BY FAR missing out. You need to IMMEDIATELY “Stop the Reading!” of this article and click the link below… just come back and finish okay? Or my feelings will get hurt, and then I’ll start to cry, and then my keyboard will start shooting sparks, and it’ll just be a big ol’ mess… okay…

Stop the Bleeding

5….4….3….2…1… Okay… So I am hoping you decided to come back and finish reading because Patrick is super interesting and there is A LOT more to him then just STB. (although it is super awesome…)

So after Stop the Bleeding took off and started winning tons of awards and being awesome, Patrick decided to not just sit and bask in the glow of the awesomeness surrounding him. NO! He decided to keep working, and BelieveDigi was born. BelieveDigi is Patrick and Ryan’s Digital Media Production Company that has been very busy: from Helping Hany to Breaking Barriers, more and more projects keep popping up! There may even be a feature film in the works which is an action film, where the lead character just happens to have hemophilia, but I won’t go into too much detail (as River Song would say, “Spoilers…”).

And as if THAT wasn’t enough, Patrick and Ryan THEN moved back into the theatre and started Believe Theatrical where they have began a Quarterly Reading Series, where one of the readings will be a benefit for HANY (Hemophilia Association of New York). At their last reading, Love/Sick by esteemed playwright John Cariani, HANY announced that their new scholarship for individuals who want to pursue a career in the arts, will be named after Patrick’s late brother Adam Lynch.

Although a lot of Patrick’s advocacy has been through media and the arts, he has also taken a stand against the poor treatment that some insurance companies can give patients with Chronic Diseases. I am going to link to a post from his website involving the work happening against Kaiser Permanente, as I know the story will keep unfolding, and that Patrick will keep everyone informed on his Personal Website.

Since Patrick is the first in the series, he gets to be the guinea pig. I am planning on asking the following question to every person who is awarded the title of “Hemo Hero.”

If there is one thing you could change about the community, what would it be?

Patrick then went on to explain that he felt that we could diversify the community a bit more. “The biggest change is recognition of other rare disease states… our problems are others problems. [It could] help us lend a bit of perspective.”

This is where the normal article would end, but Patrick and I are also friends, and we chatted for a bit. And I explained some personal things going on. And I truly don’t know how he does it, but Pat just has a tendency to be inspirational in just every day speech. The quote he said to me was so fantastic, I turned it into a meem. Yes… a meem… and I hope that people outside of the bleeding disorders community begin to know who Patrick James Lynch is, because he is an inspirational advocate, a brilliant actor, and, most importantly, a fierce friend.


If you have any nominations for future Heroes in this series, please email me at TheHemoHomo@gmail.com with the individual you would like to nominate!

Till we meet again…

The Liberal Agenda?

I read an interesting article the other day from the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel (Click to read). It quotes some Republican politicians about “gay marriage” in the United States, and a lot of their responses were… interesting.


Before continuing with this post, I want to make it known that I support Same-Sex Marriage, so, of course, this article will be just a TAD bias, but I think the article made some interesting points.


To paraphrase, Chris Christie basically said that most of the Right Wing has given up on the fight against gay marriage. They may be against it, but there is not much they can do to stop it. It is the liberal agenda that continues to bring up the issue again and again. The majority of the Republican Party has moved on to the fiscal issues of the country, rather than social issues.


Hmmm… interesting point. So now I ask the question, with Same-Sex Marriage winning the war (although we still may be losing some battles), is it time to lay up a bit? By fighting too hard for an issue that is already on its way to being a moot point, are we tarnishing the issue by bringing it to the forefront again, and again, and again?


I honestly don’t know. I’ve never been one for politics. I’m much more content watching episodes of Doctor Who and searching for old TONY performances on YouTube, but I think I’m a pretty open-minded person. I understand why some people may be against Same-Sex Marriage, although I’m from the school of “if it doesn’t affect you, then leave it alone,” but if after the overturn of DOMA we are still pushing, do we look like a petulant child trying to change the minds of people that will never be changed?


With the state of this country being in shambles, yes I’m saying shambles, I believe it may be time to focus on issues that are a little more… pressing. Health reform failed miserably; we are in a LARGE amount of debt; The average American can barely afford basic needs without maxing out credit cards, or being in massive amounts of debt themselves. So what next? Should we put aside our social differences and concentrate on the bigger issues? I don’t know, but I would like to know what you think.


I’m really writing this post to create a conversation. CONVERSATION, not a place to preach hate. If there are any comments using derogatory or inappropriate language, I will delete them, but I want to see what you think. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if I don’t agree with it. So be nice and comment… I would really like to write a follow up article to this based on people’s opinions. My blog has a wide readership since I have readers from both the QUILTBAG Community and the Bleeding Disorders Community. ALL opinions are welcome. Just be nice… because as High School Musical told us, “We’re all in this together,” and if Zac Efron doesn’t sing words to live by, then I will just eat my hat!


Till we meet again…


New “Hero” Series

Hey y’all! (Yes, I have started saying y’all since living in Florida. DON’T JUDGE ME!)

I have an exciting announcement to make. Starting this August, I will be starting a monthly series highlighting advocates in both the Bleeding Disorders and QUILTBAG communities. The “Hemo Hero” will be announced on the first of every month and the “Homo Hero” will be announced on the 15th.


The recipients for August have already been selected, but I need your help. I am looking for people who have made a difference in both communities on a more Grassroots level. The underdogs. The unsung heroes. Any ideas you have would be GREATLY appreciated, because if they mean something to you, they should mean something to the entire community. Please shoot me an email at TheHemoHomo@gmail.com with your nominations!


I am really excited about this new venture and cannot wait to announce August’s Recipients to everyone! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day! My foot is clotting so it’s a good one for me!

Till we meet again…

Making Lemonade

Okay… So I always post these I’M BACK type posts, and then no one hears from me for months at a time. Well, not this time! I’m back and I’m here to stay. I miss the bleeding disorders community so much and want back in. So I have come up with some new ideas and weekly posts to keep not only my readers entertained and interested, but myself as well!

For those of you wondering where I disappeared to, I’m in Florida. I know, poor me. Enjoying the sun and sand while everyone else is dealing with Hurricanes and Polar Vortexes (Yes, rumor has it another one is on the way… in July… ugh).

So here I am in Sunny Flagler Beach, Florida, doing my best to make lemonade. No, not literal lemonade, but the figurative lemonade involving the lemons that life has handed me, and they are some tart ones at the moment. So I have just reinvested myself in myself, and my relationship of course, and am looking for that Silver Lining (btw… how great was Jennifer Lawrence in that movie. To quote her brother… WOAH!). I have had the pleasure of reconnecting with my family here in Florida, and even got to spend time with my Grandpa on his 90th Birthday. Ninety years old! Can you believe it! That’s almost ancient! ;)

Tyler, Myself, Grandpa, and Tara all and Lunch on his 90th Birthday.

Tyler, Myself, Grandpa, and Tara all and Lunch on his 90th Birthday.


I’m still at Bubba Gump, but in Daytona Beach instead of Times Square, and it couldn’t be more different. I feel like I am working at a real restaurant where I have regular customers who now ask for me by name… it takes me back to the Belcourt Days, but with the structure from Bubba’s I love so much, so that’s good.

It appears we will be here indefinitely, since we had a major setback with a job opportunity for Tyler, that I’m SURE will be discussed in a later entry.

The big thing that I wanna begin on my blog is a weekly feature about my time spent on Ancestry (Tiny Tuesday will be disappearing as I have gotten gigantic and am taking comfort in eating my face off.. hahaha). I’m sure I will come up with some punny title like Family Friday or Journey to the Past Tuesday or something weird like I do, but I have been tracing my heritage on both sides of my family back, trying to find not only where I came from, but also trying to trace the the linage of my Hemophilia Bloodline… (Whenever I say Bloodline I think of the DaVinci Code.. and then feel pretentious). It’s fascinating the amount of information is available online, if you just know how to sift through it.

So send me ideas. What do YOU wanna hear about. What do YOU wanna know about. What kinds of topics would YOU like discussed. Leave a comment here, or tweet me at @TheHemoHomo and I will make sure I address them.

I’m actually back this time guys. I’ve missed everyone. My Bleeder Family if you will, and hopefully we can all sit down soon, and have a nice, refreshing glass of lemonade.

Oh yeah… and Luna misses everyone too…

Luna is going crazy missing everyone!

Luna is going crazy missing everyone!

Till we meet again…

Guess who’s back?

Holy time lapse Batman! Can you believe it’s been 6 MONTHS since I’ve posted on here!?!?! I can’t. But a lot has changed and a lot has happened and I’m excited to tell you about it all, but not all at once. ;)

I guess the first big thing I want to tell you about is a HUGE LIFE CHANGING EVENT!!!!! Ready? Set….. GO!

I’m leaving NYC…

I know. It’s okay. Just breathe. In… out…. in…. out… okay. Now I’ll continue.

Tyler has gotten an amazing opportunity in North Carolina, and I have decided to go along for the ride, with a detour to Florida for a couple of months. We will be leaving in just one little week. That being said, over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting, and tweeting, about the move…

I would LOVE comments and feedback from everyone about how YOU handled moving, especially with a bleeding disorder. I’m nervous about loading the van, changing HTCs, not having Lee Hall living 2 doors down from me in Queens, ya know… the normal stuff…

Leave your comments here or use #HemoMoveXC (Hemo Move Cross Country) on Facebook or Twitter and let me know questions, comments, or concerns.

The first big thing we did was use Rubbermaid Bins to pack everything in, rather than cardboard boxes. We got a GREAT DEAL at a large hardware retailer with an orange and white sign, let’s call it: Dome Hepot, and Tyler had the brilliant idea of labeling everything with QR Codes, so when we scan the box, we can list up to 250 characters so we will know exactly what is in every box, rather than just KITCHEN or RANDOM BOOKSHELF ITEMS WE SHOULD HAVE THROWN AWAY BUT KEPT BECAUSE WE ARE IDIOTS.

Half of our apartment is already packed, and the rest will be soon. Pics to follow….

Tweet me moving stories please!!!

Till we meet again…

Tiny Tuesday – Week 6

Hey y’all! (Can I say y’all? I wasn’t raised in the south, but I feel like that is such a friendly phrase!) So I’m nervous about this weight tracking day; as i stated last week, I was on vacation this past week, and any chance of staying on this health kick was destroyed very early on… I am expecting weight gain, but I really don’t feel too guilty! I had an amazing time, and for the first time, in a long time, I felt comfortable not wearing a shirt while out at the pool, and didn’t feel gigantic. It was a good moment…


A fake-sleeping selfie taken while at
the H20 Pool at the Golden Nugget AC.

See? My tummy isn’t SO bad… We ate a lot of great food at Chart House and Lillies, and I enjoyed a couple of delicious cocktails as well as some large amounts of Bud Light… But this trip was unbelievably amazing…. exactly what Schmyler and I needed to sit back and relax…

We also attended a night at the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival, where I tasted a bunch of delicious culinary samples and some new, at least new to me, brands and styles of wine… I tasted a DELICIOUS Pinot Noir called “Hob Nob” 2011 Vintage… It was fantastic. We also splurged and bought some boutique seasonings and hot sauces that all are Weight Watchers friendly, so as we make recipes with these seasonings, I will take pictures and post links to the products, as well as to the recipes I used (if they tasted good… if they didn’t then I’ll blame the chef and not the seasoning and just talk about the product. HAHAHAHA)…

So here’s the comment question on the blog post for today. Buffets. Good or bad? I was excited about the buffet while on vacation… I thought it would allow me to portion things out correctly and chose healthier options…. but I ended up eating LARGER portions of foods I hadn’t eaten since I started working on this new lifestyle, because they were RIGHT in front of me!!!!! How do YOU feel about buffets? Let me know!

Alright, now for this week results…

WEEK 6: – Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Current Weight: 156.5 lbs.

Days Working Out: 0

Front View:



Side View:



Alright… I’ll take a pound and a half… I really gotta get back on the horse or the bandwagon or the right path… I just gotta get back on something so I can start feeling better about myself again. The gym is a MUST this week, and with that horrible 95 degree heatwave being over, I think it’ll be bearable to work out and run outside… Alright everyone…

Till we meet again…